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Email, social media, apps, online booking…and more: today, so many of our interactions with our clients happen online. You may answer your phone within three rings, but do you treat your digital client communications with the same urgency? Why not?!

Paperclip can help you harness the full power and benefits of digital communications. We can manage your social media accounts; respond to online requests for information; administer your online booking systems…and more.

Try us. Email us now on, send us a message via our Facebook or LinkedIn accounts, or call us on 01246 418 181. The way we respond to you is the way we’ll respond to your clients.


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Digital Communications Support

The digital revolution has changed the way we communicate with our clients. We can email, text, message. There are contact forms, review sites, live webchat.

Paperclip has evolved to look after your digital and online communications as well as your phone requirements.

We can filter your emails, your texts and your online messages. We can respond on your behalf on agreed topics. We minimise disruption; you are free to prioritise and focus on what is important to your business.

We personalise our services to meet your specific requirements. You are in control.

  • Active online engagement with your clients
  • Congruence of your brand, digital presence and standard communications channels
  • Prioritise what is important to you and your clients
  • No missed sales opportunities
  • Stand apart from your competitors

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Your Online FAQ service

The nature of your business may result in repeated questions of a similar nature from your clients and prospects: lead times; pricing; opening times; product and service queries…and more.

As your online point of contact, Paperclip responds quickly and professionally to these enquiries. If needed we can attach standard documents, instruction sheets, video clips…and more, We can also direct your clients to the relevant pages on your website. Paperclip provides an immediate, consistent and human online response fined-tuned to the specific needs of the enquirer.

  • Frees up your time and your team’s time.
  • Consistency and professionalism
  • The essence of customer service
  • Show you value online interactions; stand apart from the competition

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Online Bookings, Orders, Appointments…and more

Depending on the products or services you offer and the communication channels you use, your clients may want to make a booking online, fix an appointment online, place an order online. Paperclip can administer these online channels for you.

Automation is great for efficiency, but poor at handling complexity. We can resolve complexity for your clients either online using webchat or over the phone.

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  • You are free to focus on service delivery
  • Requests are resolved without delay
  • Complexity is embraced
  • Delighted customers

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Online Helpdesk Support

Many of Paperclip’s clients supply products that benefit from helpdesk support: computers, white goods, power tools…and more.

Paperclip can act as your online helpdesk. We log you client’s online query, take details of the problem, prioritise. In some cases our clients train us to provide basic Level One support. By eliminating simple problems and false alarms, Paperclip allows you to focus on the urgent messages: the ones on which your reputation is built.

  • Customer receives immediate support
  • Resolution of simple problems
  • Identification of ‘false alarms’
  • Escalation of urgent messages

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Recently Anne helped us to make a key administrative appointment, with excellent support every step of the way from advice and guidance on the job description, to shortlisting, to interviewing and administration for the appointment. Simply invaluable.

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