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Why Good Customer Experience Is Critical

The critical importance of customer experience – and how you have the power to shape it: Anne Batty, Paperclip. This is a blog about the customer journey, customer experience and customer service. It focuses on the importance of communications. Key Messages Firstly,...
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Would you benefit from using an external booking service?

Would you benefit from using an external booking service? In 2017, the service industries accounted for 79% of total UK economic output. Delivery of these services frequently involved, at some stage, taking a booking, reservation or appointment. This blog article...
dog kennels need telephone answering services

Why Dog Kennels Need Telephone Answering

Telephone answering in kennels? It’s a dog’s life If you have a dog – or you know someone with a canine companion – there’s a good chance you treat your pet like royalty. In many cases this pampering will include occasional trips to kennels....

“We’ve saved considerable time, money and effort on financial administration, admin recruitment and staff policy development in this way over the last 3 years. I especially value Anne’s experience and sound advice and often use her as a sounding board on ways to make the internal workings of the business more efficient. I would not hesitate to recommend Paperclip to any growing business.”

Frances Wells, fwa

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