Telephone Answering Services


The telephone answering needs of each Paperclip client are unique. We work with you to understand your culture, systems and processes so we can tailor our telephone answering to your specific requirements.

You may simply want a message taking. Alternatively you may want us to engage with your clients and respond to their questions and requests; gather information on your behalf; take bookings…and more.

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Message taking

Your time is an invaluable and limited resource. Paperclip gives you space to concentrate on what you do best, to use your time productively.

We can filter your calls. You speak to the people who are important to you; we divert the time-wasters.

We can take messages. Your clients are happy and you are able to prioritise current and prospective customers.

We flex to meet your requirements. We can simply cover peak times, or provide a complete reception service for you…and any variation in between.

  • Never miss a call
  • Provide a consistently high level of service
  • Call back when its best for you and your client
  • No missed sales opportunities
  • Stand apart from your competitors

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Reception Services

Reception services are all about service and personalisation. Specific instructions for different call types; unique call handling for different departments or members of staff.

We can provide your full telephone reception service leaving your team free to welcome visitors and complete tasks without interruption. Alternatively, we can cover over lunch, during peak times, or outside normal working hours.

The choice is yours!

  • Provide a consistently high level of service
  • No missed sales opportunities
  • Flex to changes in demand
  • Filtering of unwanted calls
  • Your reception team can focus on meet and greet without disruption

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Your FAQ service

The nature of your business may result in repeated questions of a similar nature from your clients and prospects: lead times; pricing; opening times; product and service queries…and more.

As the first point of contact, Paperclip can deal professionally with these enquiries. No recorded message; no voicemail: simply an immediate, consistent and human response fined-tuned to the specific needs of the caller.

  • Frees up your time and your team’s time.
  • Consistency and professionalism
  • The essence of customer service
  • Stand apart from the competition

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Bookings, Orders, Appointments...and more

Depending on the products or services you offer, callers may want to make a booking, fix an appointment, place an order. Paperclip can do this for you. We can place appointments straight into your digital diary; issue tickets for your events; enter orders directly into your IT systems; take a booking for a table at your restaurant…and more. We can also issue confirmations and reminders.

  • You are able to focus on service delivery
  • Requests are resolved without delay
  • Delighted customers

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Helpdesk Support

Many of Paperclip’s clients supply products that benefit from helpdesk support: computers, white goods, power tools…and more.

Paperclip can act as your helpdesk. We log you client’s call, take details of the problem, prioritise. In some cases our clients train us to provide basic Level One support. By eliminating simple problems and false alarms, Paperclip allows you to focus on the urgent calls: the ones on which your reputation is built.

  • Customer receives immediate support
  • Resolution of simple problems
  • Identification of ‘false alarms’
  • Escalation of urgent calls

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“We’ve worked with Paperclip nearly 2 years, we see them as an integral part of our overall service, they ensure all our calls are answered professionally even when we can’t. Highly recommended”

Nigel Short, Voot